i have a lot to say with no motivation to say it.  rarrr.

so i’ll just do another survey because you all need to read it. or something.

___x___Your Life___x___
[x] they call me: brandon
[x] sex: no thanks. i mean male.
[x] my first breath of air: 7.26.85
[x] best friends: hm.  there are lots i think.

[x] most memorable memory: anything Christmas. and other stuff.
[x] worst?: i can’t think of anything. sorry.
[x] first best friend ever!?: the first friend i remember having is justin. he was 2 and i was 3. our brothers were in kindergarten together.

[x] love is: see 1 corinthians.
[x] first love: Jesus
[x] love or lust?: luv. (is a verb)
[x] best love song: larue has good ones.
[x] when love hurts, it stinks: uhh
[x] true or false: neither
[x] is there such thing as love @ first sight?: eh.

___x___Opposite Sex___x___
[x] turn ons: elbows and foreheads.  psyche.
[x] do your parent’s opinion on your bf/gf matter to you?: i guess so?
[x] what kinda hair style?: it depends on the person.
[x] the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?: be your friend.
[x] where do you go to meet new people?: the ghetto.
[x] are you the type of person to HOLLER and ask for numbers?: yes i always HOLLER and ask for numbers.

___x___Picky Picky___x___
[x] dog or cat: dawgz.
[x] short or long hair: longer.
[x] sunshine or rain: sunshine or snow.
[x] moon or sun: sun.
[x] hugs or kisses: hugs.
[x] 1 best friend or 10 acquaintances: what is going onnn?
[x] summer or winter: summer and Christmas.  oh baby.
[x] written letters or e-mails: written .
[x] playstation or nintendo: nintendo.
[x] car or motorcycle: car.
[x] house party or club: clubbin!! or..not.  i like going to people’s houses.
[x] sing or dance: sing.  i like watching people dance though..as long as it’s not cheesy.
[x] freak or slow dance: hahaha

[x] how are you today? a happy camper.
[x] what pants are you wearing right now? fleece pants that i wear to bed.
[x] What shirt are you wearing right now? a five iron frenzy hoodie and an anderson t-shirt.
[x] what does your hair look like at the moment? same as usual
[x] what song are u listening to right now? “alive in this moment” by starfield.
[x] how is the weather right now? freezing.
[x] last person you talked to on the phone? my sister.
[x] last dream you can remember? i was leading worship in anderson.  it was nice.
[x] who are you talking to right now? jeremy and jd.
[x] what time is it? 12:16

___x___More About YOU!___x___
[x] if u were a crayon, what color would you be? midnight blue or red.
[x] have you ever almost died? nah.
[x] what’s the next CD you are going to buy? roper.
[x] how many kids do you want to have? who knows..
[x] shampoo? whatever.
[x] what are you most scared of? i realized how much i dislike the dark.
[x] how many TV’s do you have in your house? three.
[x] do you have your own TV? yes.
[x] have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone? i sprained my ankle sledriding when i was 6. and then again sometime later when i jumped off the couch wrong.
[x] who do you dream about? people.
[x] who do you tell your dreams to? it depends.
[x] who’s the loudest friend you have? i’ll go with sarah d.
[x] who’s the quietest friend? ummm..i don’t really have quiet friends.  at least not quiet to me.
[x] Is cheerleading a sport? nobody carrrres.


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