it’s almost 4am and i cannot sleep.  so here goes yet another one of these.

1. Known as: b-randon
2. Lives in: canton
3. Birthday: july 26, 1985
4. School: malone college
5. Ethnicity: mostly german and british and a tiny bit native american
6. Religion: i don’t like religion. i like Jesus.
7. Shoe size: 12
8. Hair color: brown
9. Eye color: hazel.  i don’t like that word.
10. Style: kinda like a mixchure of punk n emo n scene n hardcore n prep n hip hop n stuff all in 1! lol rotf omg!!1
11. Fears: being alone in the dark outside. and needles. and i’m not really afraid of just makes me really sick.

12. Fallen off your bed? many times.  i used to dream i was falling and end up on the floor from my bunk bed.
13. Broken someone`s heart? who knows.  i hope not.
14. Had your heart broken? not so much.
15. Had a dream come true? yes.
16. Done something you regret? yes.
17. Cheated on a test? i’m sure there have been times in my life where i wrote something on my hand or looked on someone’s paper while taking a quiz at some point in my educational career.  so yes i guess.  but not on big tests.

18. Wearing? gray pants and a yellow converse shirt from the 70s.
19. Listening to? dennison marrs.
20. Located? my house in the family room.
21. What are you doing? trying to make myself sleepy.
22. Should REALLY be doing? sleeping.
23. Brush your teeth? yep. right before i came down here.
24. Like anybody? i like lots of people.
25. Have any piercings? nope.
26. Drink? no, i do not currently drink. nor will i ever.
28. Smoke? no, i do not currently smoke.  nor will i ever.  what is the freaking point? save a lung. or two.
29. Got a pager? nope.

30. Who are your best friends? if i start to name names, i’ll leave people out and then feel bad or make someone feel bad.  but a lot of them seem to come and go and come again for whatever reason.  and then there are those who are always there.  and they make me happy and thankful. it’s late, and i don’t understand what i’m saying.
31. Who do you hate? i don’t hate people.
32. Who is the shyest? my friends aren’t shy to me.
33. Who is the most talkative? hm..dustin? 

..i feel like this survey is dumb.

34. Who is the craziest? hahaa sara.
35. Who laughs the most? lisa and jessica.
36. Who have you known the longest? sarah m.
37. Who have you known the shortest? hmm..prolly my malone friends (matt/sarah/becca/mike/kyle/lee). 
38. Who do you miss the most? goodness..i miss a lot of my friends.
39. Do you hang out with the opposite sex? probably more than the same sex.  it’s been that way since i was a toddler.
40. Do you trust your friends? yep.
41. Are you a good friend? i try to be.

42. Hugged? my momma.
43. Kissed? oscar. my dog.
44. IMed? sara or jeremy.
45. Talked on the phone: my brotherrrr.
46. Yelled at? my dad for starting a movie without me after he yelled at me to not start it without him.
47. Fell in love with? umm..Jesus.

48. What do you want to be when you grow up? i wish i knew.  but i have a feeling i’m going to share the message of Jesus through music and then share the message of Jesus through visual understandings in art and maybe some type of ministry.  i’m very excited.
49. What comes first in your life? God.  except for the times i choose to ignore Him…blasted flesh.
50. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope.
51. Crushes? eh. 
52. What do you usually think about before you go to bed? i talk to Jesus.
53. Did you lose someone you really loved? yep.
54. How many times have you fallen deeply in love? besides God, zero.
55. Love your family? yep. a lot.
56. Love your friends? yep. a lot. echo. ..echo.

57. Movie(s): for this survey i’m listing my favorite Christmas movies:  home alone 1 and 2, a Christmas story, Christmas vacation, muppet Christmas carol, and elf.  oh and jingle all the way.  psyche.
58. Song: it’s still “every new day” by five iron frenzy. 
59. Store: borders i think.
60. Relative: i don’t know if i have a favorite.  i’m probably closest to my cousin shannon (my twin) and my grandparents.  yayy.
61. Sport: bowling.
62. Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough.
63. Fruit: bananas and oranges.
64. Candy: redvines.
65. Holiday: “oh, i wish it could be Christmas every day.”
66. Day of the Week: saturday.
67. Time: 4:19.  what the heck.
68. Color: today it’s blue.
69. Name for a Girl: alex?  eh. i don’t konw.
70. Name for a Boy: noah and peter.  those shall be my kids’ names.

71. Like to give hugs? yes.  unless the person makes you extremely uncomfortable.
72. Like to give kisses? not so much.
73. Like to walk in the rain? not really.  make it snow and i’ll pee my pants.
74. Prefer black or blue pens? usually black.
75. Like to travel? yes. a lottt.
76. Sleep on your side, tummy or back? i start on my back and end up in any given position possible to man.
77. Think you’re attractive? yes, in a static cling kind of way.  or not.  again, i don’t know what i’m saying.
78. Ever have the falling dream? it’s like a curse.
79. Have stuffed animals? theyre all over my closet and basement.  poor guys.
80. What do you think of the person that did this before you? i love and miss jott scosh a losh.  i mean a lot.  i mean jost scoth. i mean…it’s freaking 4:30am. goodnight/morning.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Hey this is random!  I somehow found your site and stole your survey to do.  Loved your answers. That is my love letter to you.


  2. Brandon, thanks. While it’s tough I just have to remain obedient and seek Him first and foremost. Thank you for the prayers as well.


  3. hahah well first off i forgot you are afraid of needles which is so weird because my roomie is DEATHLYYY afraid of them.  like on all her college essays she put the phobia and stuff haha… second, sorry i come and go, and thirdly WHO YOU CALLIN CRAZY?!!  hahahhahaha can we go to the malllll it’s christmas shopping tiiiime


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