i like copeland.  a lot.
i like my friends even more.

tonight i went to the show in akron with jeremy and steve.  jd and val went without us…bah! but steve was gracious enough to save jeremy and i since i had no gas or money to pay for gas.  i still love you, jd and val, even you are jerks.  (psyyyche.) and it was fun.  we listened to funny things.  i got to see a lot of people tonight, and it made me warm and fuzzy inside like a peach in the microwave.  ..what?  it’s late.  goodnight.

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  1. BRANDON!!!!!!! Hey slugger. Ummmm I wanna go wednesday at like 10? is that ok? I’m gonna go blow glass in the morning…umm I can pick you up if you would like. And We can make a grand entrance together! mWahahahhahahahaha! 🙂 much luv my dearest brandon! happy almost turkey day.


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