my Christmas-ness has kicked into full gear.  now it’s time to decorate the house.

one day my house will look like this:

sorry, i know you’re all sick of me and holiday cheer.

but that isn’t gonna stop me. 
seasons greetings.


9 thoughts on “

  1. ahh that’s awesome. when I was still in school and took bible classes, they were pretty basic and kind of like- lets read the story and take a test on who did what- and that was good, but it was kind of like ahhh i want more tell me what you think this meeeeeans. haha. but yes, i would love to take a old/new testament class someday. i know some people that know so much about the Bible, but it comes across arrogantly, when I’d just love to discuss things and get input and give input and yeah. hmm its late and i ramble more when im tired.
    and that picture of the house with the lights- amaazing. there’s this house a couple miles from ours that does all out cheesy christmas stuff- im hoping to take some pictures this year. we call it the “carny christmas” if you dont know what a carny is- i feel like an idiot.


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