tonight i hung out with this kid:

we danced in the car and decided it would be funny if slide whistles were randomly in every song.  then we explored a Christmas wonderland madness in downtown canton. and then we had fun doing other stuff at his church.  oh how i love jerfford.


1.What is your full name:   brandon james schmidt
2.When was the last time you showered?:  this morning
3. What color pants do you have on right now?: blue-ish gray
4.What song are you listening to right now: “evergreen” by switchfoot
5.What was the last thing that you said?: “yep”
6.What was the last thing that you ate?:  a baked potato and cheesy rice.  that was my dinner at 11:00.
7.If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: i just dont know anymore.  that sounds like i have a flustered life.  but really, i just don’t know.
8.Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: the moon.  i’ll bring honey, too.
9.Single or taken?: as classically single as the #1 at wendy’s.
10.How’s the weather right now? cold and not snowy.
11.whats the time:? 1:10am..whattheheck..i thought it was like 11:30.
12.Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: lfo. hahaah psyche.
13.What did you do last night? went to trans4m..then watched a lot of tv.
14.Last person that you talked to on the phone? jeremy
15.Who do you look up to?: my family and Jesus Christ
16.Do you like the person that sent this to you?: nobody sent it to me.
17.How are you today? happy and tired.
18. How do you eat an Oreo?: the same way i eat everything else.
19.Fave CD?: that’s really really tough.  but i think it’s electric boogaloo by five iron frenzy…or maybe beneath medicine tree by copeland or new way to be human by switchfoot or silence by blindside or any david crowder cd.  chris tomlin too.  i guess i’ll stop now.
20. Who do u have a crush on at this point in time?:  barbara walters.
21. What makes you happy?: a lot of things do.. but there’s only one true joy through Christ.
22.Nicknames?: sunshine, tamara, roomy, and nobody else really calls me anything besides brandon anymore.
23.What color of underwear are you wearing?: gray.  haha i had to check.
24.Hair color?: brown
25.Eye color?:  blue/green/brown
26.Height?:  6’2″”
27.Any piercings? : no.
28.Siblings and ages?: jen (25), jon (28), adam (22), bekkah (22)
29.What school do you attend?: malone college.  arg.
30.Who do you consider to be your good friends?:  you know who you are.
31.What do you like to do?: laugh, sing, draw, paint, create, learn, pray, talk, listen, drive, watch, worship God, live for God.
33.What was the best advice ever given to you?:  my mom told me that if i touched a feather i would get bird diseases.  ..i never did. and i never got a bird disease. so i guess it worked.
34.What are your future goals?:  make music and art for whatever purpose God chooses.
35.What is your favorite type of music?: it depends on the mood.
36.Favorite food?:  i still like pizza a lot.  and salad.  and fajitas. mmm.
37.Who is the funniest person that you know?: oh man…i think i’m going with sara on this one.  and maybe jeremy and kaite.
38.Fave movie?: i decided last week that home alone takes the cake.
39.favorite day?: saturday 2 dance: sometimes.  we did the hokey pokey and the chicken dance at church last night.
42.Are you too shy to ask someone out?:  i wouldn’t know.
43.favorite store to shop at? berean or borders
44.If you could change your name, what would it be?: i’d make it brandon.  wait. 
45.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: sometimes i sleep with oscar..but he isn’t stuffed.
46.Have you ever been in love?: why is this question always here?  i’m going on strike and not answering.  if you care, look at any other survey.
47. Fave drink: kool aid.
48.Flowers or candy?: candy.
49.Do you like scary or happy movies better?: i’m not sure.  happy on a normal day.
50.Net/On the phone:  in person
51. Do you smoke?: no, i like my lungs.
52.Summer or winter?:  i love both.  but prolly summer.
54.Current Residence?: umm..technically malone, but i haven’t slept in my room in a long time.  i know, i’m ridiculous. 
55.First movie you ever saw?: in the theater? the never ending story i think.  the firs one i remember though is bambi.
58.Any special talents?: i’m a beast when it comes to decorating for Christmas.
59.Are you homey, preppy, hick, etc..? all of those.  nothing else.
60.favorite town to chill in?  hahaha
2.Loudest person?: sarah d
63.What do you look for in the opposite sex? a sincere burning passion for Jesus
64. what would you name your first son?  noah
65.First daughter?: alexandra?  maybe not.
66.Do you believe in God? yep.
67.Do you believe in Luck?: nope. except i lucked out with my schedule for next semester.
68.Do you believe in yourself?: sure
69.Coke or Pepsi? pepsi
70.1 pillow or 2?: two
72.TV or Radio?: tv.. unless i’m driving.
74.When was the last time you cried?: i cry when i laugh a lot.  that’s all i can remember.
75.Do you have a tattoo? nope
76.What’s your room like?: kinda like a tornado disaster area..
77. What’s your biggest fear?: snapping turtles.  actually, i don’t care about typing this survey anymore.  but snapping turtles would make me pretty nervous and on my toes. oh snap.
78.What’s your family like?: my family is cooler than yours. 
79.What’s the best thing that happened to you today?: i found out that i get to sleep in every single day next semester.
81.Who knows the most about you? either my family or mikkele and some other people.

i made a decision that this survey was too long.  i’m going to bed.


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