um..if anybody can interpret dreams, that’d be fun.  because i just had one of the freakiest, weird, random ones i can ever remember.  this is going to be long, but you can read it if you want.  i even woke up halfway through it and went back to sleep, and it carried through.


i was at big lots with jeremy, james, dustin, chad, and lisa.  and everyone was trying to get lisa to cut everyones hair. for some reason we picked out bed comforters.  then jeremy and i left to get to his church for this youth rally. we got there and kj-52 was performing.  my whole youth group was there, and everyone at the rally was dressed up like they were at a rave. they showed this video of everything that went on that day so far, and one part was me and my sister leading worship. but i can totally remember playing too..which is really relaly weird because that wasnt part of my dream.  later in the video it showed me dancing to a boy band song as a joke in this outfit i have on in one of my paintings i did my junior year.  nobody was watching kj-52.. at all.  and i felt bad.  but then jeremy and i had to go to my church to get something, so we went and got it.  

then on our way back to his church, i turned on this wrong exit and it sent me to this windy road and i ended up in this big castle in this big room. and all the walls on the carpet and floor were the same as the background in the “undo me” video by jennifer knapp. but the steps were going in and out and they blended in.  all of a sudden there was a big countdown on the went three, two, one.   and i guess i knew what was coming because these jewel things came out of the wall at me and i had to jump over them.  like i was in zelda or tomb raider or something.  i then knew something was trying to kill us.

but then i finally got out of the room but then it put me in this other one.  and then jeremy came into it, and i was so glad to see him.  so then we were trying to get out, and all of a sudden we were in this really fancy restaurant with all these old women eating and they all started yelling at us.  so we kept running.  we ran up the steps. (for some reason i remember all the carpet really vividly.)  this carpet was gross and old and brown like the carpet at my old church on the third floor.  we went through this room where there were all these girls sitting indian style in kimonos.  one of them was a girl whose face i know from myspace.  i told her i knew her and she smiled and said “no.  i am from your imagination.”  so i FREAKED out and we kept running.  then i saw the jennifer knapp patterned carpet and said, “look it’s the undo me video carpet! go this way!”  we finally got back to my car and got back onto the highway.  all the colors of the leaves were really really bright orange and red, and that’s all i could see. 

the next thing i know my mom is waking me up, telling me it’s almost 1:00.  whattheheck.


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  1. so what you’re saying is that you went to a rave at a castle with link. awesome. i wish i had cool dreams like that. it’s like alice in wonderland, but….. weirder. maybe you could paint some pictures to illustrate your dream… especially the carpet. i’d like to see that. 😉


  2. I’m not a professional or anything, but it could be a sign that you’re going insane. Or not, I don’t know. Did you eat anything unusual before falling asleep?


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