T H E – 4 1 1
[my name is]: brandon
[in the morning I am]: sleeping
[all i need is]: my heavenly Father
[luv is]: a verb
[if I could see one person right now]: i would want it to be several different people.
[I’m afraid of]: being alone in darkness..sometimes.  i don’t like medical stuff.
[i dream about]: oh man.  see previous post.

W I T H – T H E – O P P O S I T E – S E X ?
[what do you notice first}: the way they act
[last person you slow danced with]: mmm i don’t know
[scruff or clean shaven]: i like my girls scruff. hahahaaa psyche
[tall or short]: mmm no giants, but no midgets.  of which i don’t know any.  so it doesn’t matter i guess.

W H O ?
[makes you laugh the most?]: everyone..unless they’re REALLY not funny.  but then i laugh at the awkwardness of the absence of humor. uh.. next.
[makes you smile]: people in general
[gives you a good funny feeling when you see them]: the majority of my friends
[has a crush on you?]:  i heard that oprah did..
[easier to talk to: boys or girls?]: it depends on the individual

D O – Y O U – E V E R ?
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. u?]
every day all day.  lol rotf lmbo wuz^ n2m g2g ttyl lylab lylas oic 4u?
[save aol/aim conversations]: i have.
[cried because of someone saying something to you]:  mm i’m sure there have been times in my life.  i used to cry when i was little almost every day.

H A V E – Y O U – E V E R ?
[fallen for your best friend]: not that i recall
[been rejected]: in one way or another
[rejected someone]:  i’m sure i have in one way or another, though it’s not like i would ever want to on purpose.
[used someone]:  not that i know of
[been cheated on]: no
[done something you regret]: yep.

W H O – W A S – T H E – L A S T – P E R S O N ?
[you talked to]:  my dad
[hugged]:  kelley..or i think jason actually
[you instant messaged]: jeremy or john or andy
[you laughed with]: people at el rodeo

D O – Y O U ?
[color your hair]: no
[habla espanol]: si, un pequeno.  i don’t know to make the special letters. or if what i just said is even right.  but i took it for three years.

H A V E – Y O U ? // D O – Y O U ? / / A R E – Y O U?
[smoke]: ack. no.
[obsessive]: of Christmas, yes.
[could you live without the computer?]: i’d get bored a lot more.
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]:  if we didn’t have the 200 limit i would have lottttttts more.  but i have 200 right now.  how pathetic.
[what’s your favorite food?]: i really like mexican food.  and pizza.  and salad.  and potatoes.  and fruit.  and chicken. and cheese.
[whats your favorite fruit?:] oranges and bananas and strawberries.
[which hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain?] emotional usually lasts longer than physical.
[trust others way too easily?]: yeah, sometimes.

F I N A L – Q U E S T I O N S ?
[i want]: SNOW.
[i wish]: it would snow.
[i love]: snow.
[i miss]: snow.
[i fear]: not getting any snow.
[i hear]: stupid forecasts.
[i wonder]: why it won’t snow.

first real best friend: i think my neighbor allison.  or justin when i was 2.
first real memory: going on the merry-go-round or seeing bambi in the theater.  both when i was 2.
first car: i still drive my parents’ cars.
first real break-up: yet to have that one.
first screen name: the one i have now.  and gasattack7.  and supertone27.
first self-purchased album: no doubt, tragic kingdom or bloom by audio adrenaline
first pet: tons of fish and molly the cat
piercing: zero.
first big trip: the first one i can remember is hilton head when i was three.
first concert: the billy graham crusade when i was around eight.. i saw dc talk and michael w. smith.  the first real concert though was five iron frenzy, switchfoot, relient k, and the smiley kids about six years ago.

last cigarette: ack.  never had one.  never wanted one.  
last car ride: driving home from el rodeo.
last library book checked out: i think it was “she said yes” a long time ago. haha
last movie seen: i watched a mighty wind and orange county this weekend.
last swear word uttered: i don’t utter swear words.  swearing is ridiculous.
last beverage drank: sprite.
last food consumed: kit kats
last phone call: kelley.
last tv show watched: best week ever.  i lovvvvvve.
last time showered: this morning.
last shoes worn: the white and dark brown ae ones.
last cd played: one i burned of random Christmas songs.
last item bought: a sprite, cheese enchilada, and rice.
last annoyance: differences.
last time wanting to die: i’ll stick with living.
scolded: a little while ago.
last shirt worn: a gray t-shirt
last webpage visited:


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