Type Your Name With Your…

Eyes closed: brandon
Nose:  gr4qhjeo0 bbrrqandon  (i did it twice. the first was practice.)

Chin:  brasnhbdfoiklnb

Wrist: brandon
Big Toe:  brrANBDDONB
Lips:  brandonj
Shoulder:   bnnn frvctg nm vcf mk,oilnn jbmh
Elbow:  brandonm
Heel of Your Foot:  brftan bdsoipklnbh
Turned around in Your Chair:    bramduon
Computer Mouse:  brandon

hahah i wish i had that on video.


3 thoughts on “

  1. you are very mistaken, Brandy, may I call you Brandy? If not, I won’t. But anyways. I love Christmas more than thee, and I will prove it! Someday, you just wait! It will come and you will realize how wrong you’ve been!


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