i knew it’d be a good day when i woke up to soon find myself with my head in the toilet.  followed by lots more of that..and the other part of stomach flu.  (it starts with a d and ends with an iarhea.)

i would appreciate prayers a lot a lot.  i have my big old testament exam tomorrow.  i haven’t been able to move (unless running to the toilet), let alone get all my books open to study.  to make things worse, the last time i was sick was during midterms.  blahhhhh.

today i learned i have the nicest mom in the world that will clean vomit out of the carpet on her hands and knees and still gladly take care of me for the rest of the day.


gross.  make it go awayyy.


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  1. like the time this summer we had the stomach flu epidemic in the little kids camp and kids were keeling over in the middle of the forest to vomit and then we got to clean it all up. your mom sounds like a nice lady.


  2. yeah my mom bends over backwards for me and my siblings when we are sick… and i think to myself… “self, am i going to be able to scrub the puke one day for my kids?”
    you’ll get better… just you watch


  3. Aww, Brandon feel better soon! Maybe it’s the stress of tests that make you sick, maybe they should ban you from taking tests….wouldn’t that be great! You will definitely be in my prayers, big time! Hope your exam this morning went alright, feel better and have a great Christmas!


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