Thirteen random things you like/love:
[01] cheese (food)
[02] cheese (humor)
[03] full house
[04] snow
[05] redvines
[06] laughing

[07] music
[08] painting

[09] drawing

[10] people at Christmas, especially in stores and busy places
[11] Christmas lights

[12] vh1

[13] pizza

Twelve movies:
[01] the little mermaid
[02] ten things i hate about you

[03] raise your voice..haahaha
[04] the passion
[05] beauty and the beast
[06] zoolander
[07] home alone
[08] home alone 2
[09] Christmas vacation

[10] mean girls

[11] meet the parents
[12] goonies

Eleven good bands/artists:
[01] five iron frenzy
[02] cool hand luke
[03] david crowder band
[04] mae

[05] chris tomlin
[06] larue
[07] something like silas
[08] blindside

[09] kelly clarkson
[10] switchfoot
[11] copeland

Ten things about you:
[01] i’m indecisive.

[02] i let things go.

[03] i’ve yet to be in a serious relationship.

[04] i like to sing.

[05] i watch too much tv.
[06] i laugh a lot.

[07] i actually like shopping.
[08] i can’t go a day without a shower.
[09] i’m very excited for things in my future.
[10] i am completely and totally obsessed with the Christmas season.

Nine good friends:
[01] my family.  that counts as one.
[02] jeremy
[03] jason”
[04] dustin

[05] jessica
[06] kelley

[07] kaite
[08] jd
[09] joshmikkelecarriemattmikemeganvallisazacsarajme

Eight favorite songs:
[01] every new day
[02] world without end
[03] beautiful one

[04] come thou fount of every blessing
[05] let that be enough
[06] take my life
[07] wonderful maker

[08] unfailing love

Seven things you wear daily:
[01] underwear
[02] jeans
[03] glasses

[04] socks
[05] shoes..unless i’m at home
[06] a t-shirt
[07] layers

Six things that annoy you:
[01] swear words
[02] distasteful immaturity
[03] malone
[04] bands that think they’re cool
[05] people that have blatantly given up on God
[06] rain during wintertime

Five things you touch every day:
[01] doorknobs
[02] carpet
[03] my dog
[04] the tv remote
[05] my glasses

Four shows you watch:
[01] full house
[02] wife swap
[03] jimmy kimmel live

[04] late night with conan o’brien

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
[01] oprah winfrey
[02] barbara walters

[03] aretha franklin

Two people online that you have kissed:
[01] i use the kiss face online all the time. haha

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
[01] anyone in my family.


6 thoughts on “

  1. hahahhaha
    i hope you’re doing better brandon– everylittlethingsgonnabealright
    i hope to see you soon– like really soon.
    i like you’re response when people say WE HAVE TO MEET UP– “make it happen” haha priceless.


  2. bahahhahahhahahhahah
    i shouldn’t laugh
    but i am
    and i can’t stop
    anyways, the posters made it to my room, which is impressive that they made it that far because rarely do i remember to put things in my room. they will be displayed somewhere in my room in the next week. im thinking mat kearney will have a place on my ceiling so i can hear him sing to me everynight before bed. just kidding. haha okay anyways yes you’re infamous and you’re wonderful. and yeahthatshowitis.


  3. oh boy! See, I love snow, but there’s times like this, when there’s 8 inches, that I wish the snow could just snow in yards and not on the roads. that’s the blah part of snow. But other than that, YAY FOR SNOW! I said “snow” 6 times in this paragraph.


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