i think i’ve grown up a lot.

my break is almost over, and though this break has felt like several months, nothing has really happened.  as much as i tell myself i care, i don’t think i do. 

i think something’s brewing in my life.  this year is going to have big changes.  big things.  important things.  i think i’m experiencing the calm before the storm.  for years i’ve felt like i was in preparation.. constantly learning, with that learning getting more intense every year.  and then this past semester, it seems as if God has slowly detatched me from everything i wanted to hold onto last year and isolated me in a strange, peaceful way.  and here i am.  anticipating a mystery to unravel. 

i’m excited.


music by these artists are currently striking the fancy of my ears :
-mute math
-david crowder band
-dead poetic
-kelly clarkson

it makes me sad that people are killing napoleon dynamite for all it’s worth.  stop defining your level of coolness by how many quotes you can recite in a day.  savor the humor.  appreciate this movie.  let it last. pleeeease. 

i haven’t really felt healthy since before finals week.  that’s sad.  does anybody want to trade digestive systems?

lately i’ve watched more tv than ever before.  and that’s a lot. 

i sincerely miss closeness with the majority of people in my life.  come back, friends.  come back.  now.

sometimes i find myself refusing to let Christmas go. 

i’ve been thinking about some things.  things i’m not going to talk about on here. and i just did.  snap.

God is a pretty generous guy when it comes to helping me out.  i like that.

i’m recording music soon.  blessingsblessings.


it’s late. goodbye.  if you read all of this, you get ten points.


11 thoughts on “

  1. not uh Boneefa (ooo beat that)… youve been the same heighth since ive known you in highschool  haha im so funny, anyways… i miss ya bud.. hope you are having the time of your life


  2. I saw you Russian dolls and “i’ve grown up a lot” and I laughed out loud even though I’m in the living room with my parents and they’re watching a movie. It was rather creative. I get ten points.


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