my quality time with Christ. 

it’s the one thing i can always count on, yet i neglect it so much.  this morning i’ll officially start a new semester.  a new season.  a new chapter.  i’m ready.  i’m nervous.  i’m antsy.  i’m yearning.  i’m filled.  i want to fly.  i want to share.  i want to pour.  i want to learn.  i want to experience.  i want to make You proud.  i want to make You smile.  i want to make angels sing.  i want to make a difference.  i want to help You enter people’s lives.  i want to live the way You created me to live.

here we go.

all around
Your beauty simply astounds
the love runs wide
and falls so deep
it’s broken through all i kept inside
all my fears
cover my doubts
it’s You i cannot live without
be all my hopes
be all my dreams
be all i am, my everything


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