is it spring time now or something?  i’m confused.

today i went to school for an hour and then saw kelley and stephanie at the mall.  i bought some pants.  then i used my gift card at best buy and got the something like silas and the mae b-sides album.  then i went to the village and confirmed that the village is just disappointing to me now. 

i strongly advise you all to go buy the destination: b-sides album by mae.  oh my gooooooooooodness.  it’s so good.   SO good.  (they have it at best buy.)

best bye.  i mean buy.  i mean bye.


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  1. brandon i miss you more than snow in the winter time…..kinda wish you were here right now because it’s just been a rough couple of days…..being back at school rocks totally hard core, but i hate all the work that it entails and all the work my new job at mcdonalds is gonna bring me….bummer i hate work…. why can’t money grow on trees


  2. I need to get that CD. Thanks for the kind comments….and yeah…I’m still at Malone. This year seems like it is flying by so far.How are classes going for you?-Evan


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