that would be fun right now. ^

+ that was actually taken on the way to kaite’s house when val and i spotted a bus getting a police escort. we felt special and dreamt of what celebrities were hiding in the bus and secretly watching through the tinted windows.  maybe it was oprah.  or richard simmons.  or ricky martin.  or david hasselhoff.

+ i decided that people must be really sick of me telling them i miss them.  and even worse when i say i want to hang out and then nothing ends up happening.  i hate that.  

+ i want to have fun with people again.  where have you gone?  where have i gone?  where have all the cowboys gone………?  maybe it’s just me.

+ american idol is back and as good as ever.  you should watch.

+ we’re getting nine inches of snow in canton this weekend while i’m gone on a retreat in erie, pa, where they usually get at least twice as much snow as we get.  yyyyikes.

+ speaking of the retreat, i’m really excited for that.  it’s my sixth time, but it’s my first year to go not being a student.  we have a lot of junior high kids going, and i hope God will help me help them.  pray for the kids this weekend.  and for the leaders.  the ranch we’re going on is booked past its capacity, and really good, good things are planned for it.  snappp, it’s gonna be cool.

+ God and i have had good times this week.  it’s nicer than i can express in a stupid xanga.

+ there’s a new teen girl squad.





7 thoughts on “

  1. i remember how hard i was laughing and yelling cause the musik was blaring. madd crazay. brandy i miss you too and im not sick of hearing how much you miss ppl. but i do feeo we need to hang out. just call or whatever seriously. or come into my school and i’ll cut your hair.
    <33333 larry


  2. American Idol is wonderful so far. I’m falling for Constantine the rocker. And Mary the crazy psycho girl made me laugh so hard that I cried.


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