i’m doing well.  my shirt even says so.

i expect at least thirty love letters left for me on this xanga when i come back on sunday.  okay? okay.

and remember to keep this retreat in your prayers this weekend.  pray for the kids of my youth group especially, and that their lives could be revived. 


Thing You’ve Eaten: wheat thins with cheese. mmm.
Person You’ve Called: jessica
Person That’s Called You: my mom
Person You’ve IM-ed: i was talking to jeremy/josh/zac/val at the same time, and then i left. 
Person You Thought About: jeremy/josh/zac/val
Movie You Saw In the Theater: oh man.. i don’t even remember.  i never go to the theater anymore.  i think it was raise your voice.  hahahaa
Movie You Rented: man on fire.  it disturbed me.
TV Show You’ve Watched: I love the 90’s: 1997
Thing You Did With Your Family: ate dinner
Thing You Did With Your Friends: i went bowling with some people last weekend.
Thing You’ve Bought: i had to pay ten bucks in my english class for materials. 
Time You Cried: tonight, i was sitting at cracker barrell and my eyes got really dry from the fireplace that was by our table and then tears started streaming out of my eyes.  it was weird.
Time You Showered: 10:00 this morning.
Song You’ve Listened: “tisbury lane” by mae
Song You’ve Downloaded: a song by showbread.
CD You’ve Wanted But Haven’t Bought: one of the united cds, the latest dead poetic cd, the latest tree 63 cd, the latest dennison mars cd, david crowder’s lime cd, and the list will go on and on and on.
Time You’ve Fought With Someone: i don’t even remember.
Person You’ve Hugged: i’m not sure.  probably my mom, she hugs me a lot.  yeah, i think it was.

What Do You Notice First: actions, expressions, words, hair, clothes.
Turn Offs: smoking. cussing. being obnoxious. drinking. hanging out of your clothes.
Ideal Height: umm about my waist level. psyche.

Want: to see my friends more often.
Wish: i could re-live the past seven months (not erasing what i went through, just being able to do it again).
Love: God, people, music, visual art.
Miss: nobody.  psyche. to the max.
Wonder: why i’m not in bed.

Wearing: my hershey’s shirt and gray pants.
Eating: nothing.
Drinking: water.
Thinking About: how soon i have to wake up.


26 thoughts on “

  1. okay making something very clear here…. this isnt a love letter from me to brandon
    its just me wanting to comment in here so IM the first commenter okay you
    guys got that yeah thats right IM heterosexual and proud of it. sorry its late
    God bless.


  2. well, youre up to 3 love letters  i think it is funny the way it is your shirt and then up above is part of your head in the banner… i dont know if you will understand this, but it makes sense to me and that is all that matters right?  ok well yeah that is all.  love ya Stewart!


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