happy half birthday to me.  i’m almost twenty.  whattheheck.


once upon a time, i went on a youth retreat in erie, pa with my youth group.  it was technically my first time as a “counselor,” and i experienced God in a much bigger way than any of the other six years i went. 

here is my picture book of memories.  orrrrrr something like that.

this is our group in front of the frozen waterfalls. notice my snowsuit (second from left).

zac was being seductive on the way there.  it looks like he’s in an airplane.

here is sam/andrea/aaron in the van.  i took this picture of aaron because we weren’t supposed to have headphones.  busssted. (psyche)

jexx gave one of the “daily challenges” at dinner.

we tied for first place in the snow sculpture contest for the second time.

our sculpture went with this year’s theme.  we made a foot.  the theme was “live the adventure, leave a legacy.”  that’s me writing “legacy” on the side of the foot.

ummm you can’t really see it.  but i promise it was awesome and great.

it didn’t stop snowing the entire weekend.  this sent people on violent rampages. (andrea/jason/carrie/sarah)

frozen waterfalls are really, really cool to look at..even though they kind of look like dirty dog teeth.  or maybe it’s just me.

we went on a hike in the woods and climbed up this huge mountain-ish hill, and then slid down the side of it.  that’s zac and jonathan at the beginning of it.

this is cathy coming down the first half of it.

i stopped halfway down and took a picture of the rest.

this is the view of the bottom half from across the river.

people called jason the gay lumberjack when we were outside.  but i guess it doesn’t make sense with this picture.  he had purple snowpants with red suspenders, moonboots, and that hat.

our beds looked like legos. (jason/bobby)

the services were SO good.  i didn’t take pictures because i would’ve distracted myself and other people.  but this is the very beginning of one of them.

every year on sunday morning, they pray for all the seniors.

i was attached to a chain of girls. (ashley/katie/savannah/carrie/jexx)


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  1. awww brandon looks like you had mucho fun at wld wish i could have been there again this year! it would have really been fantastic! tell everyone i love them very much, and tell jason to call me sometime i havent talked to or seen him in forever! it makes me very sad…….i love you sunshine!


  2. yes, the worship leader guy is now a favorite of mine. But I still love Constantine. I don’t know why I love him so much. He wasn’t even the best. I think it’s his hair. And the fact that he’s a “rock star”. Gosh I just don’t know.


  3. Hi there,You happen to be in my myspace friends list, and I found your Xanga, so I thought I’d say hi and Happy Half Birthday.  Looks like you had an awesome time at your retreat.  Yes, they’re always so much more exciting with snow.    The buildings and grounds remind me somewhat of the place where my youth group has its annual winter retreat (except ours is at a camp which has rustic bunk beds instead of fancy Lego beds).Take care,Love and mittens,Philana <><


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