this is for those of you that would remember what i’m talking about..

today i was taking an exam in my new testament class and something reminded me of “LOOK OUT, CLIFF!” ..the laughter started bursting inside of me, and i couldn’t keep it in.  then it started to slip out. in the middle of dead silence.

it was kind of embarrassing.


TUESDAY THE EIGHTH: full house dvd.  eeek.


5 thoughts on “

  1. nice. I remember times in high school when I basically couldn’t stop laughing (or randomly would laugh about something that had occurred earlier in the day/week). i guess something has to balance the joy of academics.


  2. That’s great.  I’ve had similar “moments” with myself.  Then, people think I’m weird for laughing out randomly , but I guess that’s a given when you’re an artist.Love and the joy of simple things,Philana <><


  3. HAHHAHAHA i was totally there… TOTALLY THERE… (not in your class.. in the “look out, cliff” moment!)  hahahhaha that was.. so much funny.  yes i did mean to say so much funny and not so much fun.


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