this weekend consisted of movies and sleep. 
all i’ve looked at for two days is a computer monitor and a tv screen.
i hope my eyes don’t fall out.

i will see health (for more than a week at a time) again. 
i will, i will, i will.

i missed church today, and that makes me sad.  i want to rewind.

the one night i actually watch football is tonight.  
i hope there are good commercials.
and i hope paul mccartney’s shirt doesn’t get ripped off in the halftime show.

edit: i got nervous when he ripped off his jacket.  but luckily, it stopped there. 

everyone needs to meet mary roach:


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  1. ugh… thanks i know… its just hard to keep that in perspective when all my friends, even my christian friends, get all psycho… i know that YOU thought it was annoying in highschool when all the little girls liked you… but i’ve never had that problem… and then those 2 guys i’ve been talking to from wld started telling me how pretty i was and stuff and it just killed me cause they started talking about chelsey… it was like i was FINALLY getting some acknowldeged and then all the sudden it feels like they’re using me to get to my ‘hot friend that wore pink’… and that hurts…
    and so does waiting for mr. perfect… even though i know hes out there SOMEWERE (heck i could even meet him at AU next year!)… i just wanna be grown up right now and not have to wait for that kind of stuff anymore!


  2. Mary…the many sides/voices of Mary, haha. So I believe between us it’s now established who’s better at trivia – I hang my head in shame at my lack of Full House knowledge, though I might have made a comeback had my computer not been a punk and cut me off…I will make a comeback one of these days! And yay for no wardrobe malfunctions with Paul McCartney, though had there been one and I missed it I might have been slightly bummed, haha. Adios.P.S. I added your journal too, if that wasn’t already obvious


  3. sooo, why didn’t she make it to hollywood again?
    i think she’s an awesome singer…8 out of 10.
    “like, hey! whatever!”
    just remember, “weirdness is originality too”!


  4. holy crap! that eye popped up and scared the freak out of me! haha! i’be been watching those american idol videos! I LOVE IT! can’t wait to see it tonight! we can watch it forever over spring break! yay, i’m excited!


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