take my fear
and shake my doubt.
let Your Spirit move me now.

You’re in control. You’re in control.


days like today leave me wishing for spring.
i love snow, but come on.  not needing a jacket is nice.

and i’m glad valentine’s day is over. 
i was getting tired of hearing people complain about it.

the end.


13 thoughts on “

  1. Hey You left me something on my xanga, so I am gettin back. Im a Freshman at AU, finishing out first year art studies (foundations as they are called) and I think i am going into studio fine arts next year.. umm just get back if you want to know anything.. later.


  2. They asked my dad to resign because of whats been going on. My mom wants to fight….but my dad is tired of fighting…..this is so wrong! I’m not sure whats gonna happen yet, but i’ll  keep you posted….keep praying!


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