i don’t have a bottom.


there isn’t anything worth posting about, so i’m yet again declaring my love for music by artists such as david crowder, eisley, mae, starfield, chris tomlin, something like silas, and mute math.  i cannot get tired of any of them. 

this weekend is looking fun.  and i’m not sick!

soon, i hope i can see you.  and you.  and you and you and you and so on.

i drove with the window down on tuesday.  it made me smile.

and yes, i say bottom.



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  1. Dude, do you know anybody else from Canton that goes to AU? I have some friends here that are from Canton. Do you know what dorm you’re going to be living in next year? (If not I definitely suggest Dunn…. We’re the best. lol)


  2. …i cant say i wanted to see that. brandy im home like back in ohio. my family and i went to cracker barrel for dinner tonight. where were you? not with your family who was there. im disappointed. your parents were probably in question when they saw me. they probably thought that you and i dont hang out anymore b/c ima stoner or at least look like one. i got madd jet lag. we need to hang out soon. so seriously call.


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