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so in the fall i had this virus that was kind of like vertigo and it made me really dizzy and nauseous for a couple weeks (there’s nothing that can be just has to run its course) and it came back. i thought maybe it was the flu since half of my family had it, but nope.

prayer would be nice. and very appreciated.

uno. dos. tres. catorce.

(yes, i think it’s funny they say 1, 2, 3, 14.)

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  1. I’ll definitely pray for you.  My mom had labyrinthitis a few years ago for over a month (it’s something like vertigo and equally as nasty).  I hope you get better soon.Love and no more merry-go-rounds for long while,Philana <><


  2. Brandon. Gargh. I wish I could wave a wand, if I had one, and your sicknesseses would all go away, and not return. You’re not suppose to be sick this much. So I demand it to stop. Not that you can help it, but I feel better demanding something right now.
    Vertigo blows big time– sometimes literally. Atleast you dont have the case of it that you can’t open your eyes without blowing chunks. Just being optimistic.
    Hang in there. Drink gatorade even though it tastes like crap.
    If you need any company, let me know. Or I’ll just be that one friend that invites herself over all the time. We all have one of them, don’t we.


  3. sorry brandon, you gotta get all of them, there’s no in-between.
    the ones you missed were:
    radiohead, creedance clearwater revival, and john denver.
    (the one that wasnt there was the mars volts)
    what the heck, i’ll give you 10 points for the others.


  4. it never seems to fail that you get sick…..i hate being sick too, i’ve been taking medicine this winter like none other! it’s so icky…..finally just have a cough, hopefully that will go away without doing to much damage to my voice and stuff…..i love you and i’ll see you soon i swear!moonshine!


  5. 1, 2, 3, 14. I never understood that, but I like it! And I like U2. What does U2 stand for? is it like you too? or you two?………


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