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nightmares.  nightmares.


xanga is bad, kids.  here is proof:

in other news.. vertigo is my enemy.  i WILL be healthy again.


8 thoughts on “

  1. Dont do that to us ever again brandon….
    , but on the other hand if you do it again it better be a Michael Jackson
    Mr.potato head.. toy… cause yeah Im with that girl up there thatd be awesome.
    oh wait ha I know that girl haha hi.
    God bless


  2. lol I seriously got scared when I first saw that. That’s nasty. But quite funny, now that I’ve looked at it 50 more times and no longer freak out.


  3. he looks like the grinch when he doesn’t have a nose. they should have given him the part instead of jim carey. they would have saved so much time on makeup.


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