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i found this in my closet.  it was mine when i was little.


…psyyyche.  i actually don’t remember why i have it, but i know it’s from the dollar store in the mall.  it’s made of porcelain (or something like it) and its ligaments are connected by elastic.  did someone give it to me?

spring starts in a week.  my summer vacation starts in fifty days.

thanks for all the prayers, by the way.  it was kind of a scary weekend involving the emergency room and other things, but God never left my side.  i literally felt His presence surrounding me.  and i’m feeling a lot better.  the dizziness and nausea is going to come and go for a while, but at least it’s not constant now.  take that, vertigo.


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  1. brandon i hope you feel mucho better.. ive missed you.. ! But don’t worry i have returned back from the dominican,… i hope i dont have malaria cuz i have many mosquito bites.. ahh.. but why did you go to the ER i feel so out of it,… haha


  2. i cant decide if that picture is scarier than the michael jackson one or not
    don’t you think that when you have to fill out papers for college or when you take a standardized test or whatever, and they give you the options for race, like “caucasion, african american, native american”….blah blah blah…they should have to make a new one called “michael jackson”? but then again i truly hope that there are not many more people out there that are of his….race. i wonder if this comment is politically incorrect. but i DO know that it is weirdly long.
    goodbye neighbor
    and there was definitely a prayer or two coming from this house for you and your weirdo sickness this weekend. don’t you find it kind of cool to pray for people you don’t know that well…it’s kind of comforting…it makes me thing that maybe people that I don’t know are praying for ME too…i like it.
    this comment goes in the guiness book of world records by the way
    (yes you may tell people you know me)


  3. I just got to feeling better today too. Andrew’s been coughing for quite a few days and I had a sore throat, and a couple weeks ago i had dizzinessachinessthrowupinessandsuch. But yeah for being healthy…or almost healthy again.


  4. There’s times when I like Mikalah, and there’s times when I just want to toss her off a cliff. Tuesday was one of those days. She was horrible. I’ll get over it though. She isn’t gonna win. It would have been Mario. But now, it might be Bo or Nadia.


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