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i like redone hymns more and more.  and i like that hymns are becoming popular again.  they’re just powerful. and i thought you’d like to know.

i don’t understand st. patricks day.  why do people use it as an excuse to drink?  ridiculous.  riiiiiiiidiculous.

i’m working on a new design for this little page.  i like this one a lot, but i need change.  just call me changing charlie.

or not.


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  1. hehe. 🙂 you are wonderful.
    hey… I just thought I would mention this… my mom is in the hospital, cleveland clinic, and we’re waiting for some results… but i think she is going to be there for awhile. prayer would be wonderful, wonderful indeed ❤


  2. oh hahahahahahahaHA! Anthony does not need to go! He is quite wonderful. I think you and my cousin talk and agree on who to like on the show, and then go up against me and try to kill my love for Constantine and friends. Not working! I gotta be honest, I like them all, I really do. I don’t even have a favorite. I’ll be sad when they all leave, a little less sad when the Nanny is gone.


  3. hum, I believe the judges chose them in the first place, and then the country. So they must be better than anyone at a bar.
    We’re fighting about a show. This reminds me of the good ol days when we argued about who loved snow more. Good times.


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