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i learned some stuff about myself tonight.  some of it is a little shocking.  actually, not really.  because they’re online personality test results.

I am 5% Metal Head.
I am 12% Punk Rock.
I am 12% Hippie.
I am 16% Raver.
I am 17% Goth.
I am 22% Metrosexual.
I am 23% Grunge.
I am 23% Geek.
I am 24% White Trash.
I am 26% Internet Addict.
I am 27% Tortured Artist.
I am 31% Idiot.
I am 34% Emo.
I am 37% Ska.



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  1. hey dude!  i want you to send that song to me here at school.  i loved singing with you those couple times.  we should hook up during the summer and write some stuff.  i’m going to be taking guitar lessons this summer, and i’ll continue with piano lessons too.  that would  be fun times. how’s college life? ttyl


  2. i want to request a picture. can i do that? anyway i request that you post an artistically taken picture of the front of your house. i want to see if i recognize it. cheerioooo mate


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