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i know i’m a broken record, so you could probably stop reading now. 

my easter consisted of…

-getting a fever late last night
-desperately trying to make it through several songs on stage while realizing singing will make me throw up and closing my eyes will make me pass out
-turning so white that i “began to blend with the walls”
-running offstage and to the car during prayer and driving home
-laying down on my bed next to an (empty) barf bag and sleeping for five hours
-laying around some more

now i’m about ready to go lay around even more.  tomorrow i’m going to the doctor and somehow trying to make a plan to not fail my classes for this semester. 

prayer please.  i really was getting better..i guess this is another bump in the long road to health.


happy easter though.  even though today was ugly, i celebrate today because i’m glad that i have hope despite my screw-ups because my awesome God knew i couldn’t survive on my own.


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