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little oscar has a ruptured anal gland.  

…i’m serious.  how sad is that?  and since he keeps biting it, he has to wear a newborn baby outfit.  i feel embarrassed for him.

today was the first day since february that i haven’t felt sick at all.  not one time during the entire day did i feel bad.  take that, vertigo.  i stopped taking my medicine because i decided it didn’t help, and i guess i was right.  better days are ahead for sure.

today i went to lake cable and ate chic fil-a and layed on the docks.  oh man…it was nice.

i fear that everybody forgot about me since i’ve barely seen anyone in five weeks. 
i hope you guys still want to be my friend.   


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  1. I hope you get to feeling better.  And oscy too.  My cats are going nuts-o i think cause of sprig.  Reverb broke out of our apartment this morning when andrew came home from work and just went crazy.  Andrew had a hard time getting him back in the house.  I think I’d be like that though if I was stuck in the apartment all the time.  Poor kities.  Maybe next time I come up we can get together…I’m not sure when next time is though.  I know I’ll be there in June…Me and andrew’s band is playing at an outdoor concert in Canal Fulton.  Ok, I’m going to go now, we’re driving out to Philla’ (area) today after we help hand out groceries at joe’s java (  Awesome concerts, awesome ministry.   Ok, I’ll stop rambling now.  God bless!


  2. Glad to hear that you’re finally feeling a little bit better, God will continue to lay His healing hand upon you…
    Hope everything works out with school, I’ll keep ya in my prayers for sure….


  3. hey! … haven’t forgot about you! glad to hear you’re feeling better!!!! yay!

    sooooo sad about oscar. hopefully, he’ll feel better soon too. 😦

    by the way, i like your pictures. (i haven’t seen your xanga for awhile… well, let alone ANYONE’S for awhile… i’ve been busy…besides the point — because the POINT IS … i like your pictures. ice cold.)


  4. well let me tell you…..Constantine did great, he’s getting better every week….yes. muahahahaahaha
    Now, I don’t normally like Nikko, but I have to say that I was slightly surprised when he got cut. I expected the bottom 3 to be Scott, Anthony, and/or Nikko and Anwar. I figured Nikko/Anwar would get sent back to their seat.(plus, Nikko sang a song from my favorite movie, so that gave him extra points from me)And then Anthony would be safe, because people wouldn’t be able to forgive Scott for his jailness…yes, that’s what I thought. But I was wrong. Nikko…..sounds like Meeko….who’s the racoon in Pocahontas… friend, what the heck was Vonzell doing in the bottom 3??
    OK, I’m done.


  5. poor oscar.
    anal glands aren’t fun.
    dave’s family has to watch their grandma’s weiner dog since she’s in florida right now. that dog is seriously the most annoying thing ever. but it makes me greatful for those weiner dogs out their like dearest oscar.
    im so glad you’re feeling well again. i hope you’re able to live, breath, and just function again.


  6. I feel really bad for little oscar. thats so sad. 😦 I hope he gets better soon. and im glad to hear that you yourself are feeling better! I love your page its pretty sweet! have an awesome God filled week


  7. hey brandon james! i’m glad that things are finally looking up for ya and your stupid vertigo! give oscar a hug for me (since you know i never would) and i hope you are both better when i come home in 4 weeks! love ya buddySarah D


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