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survey stolen from jott scoshua.

you should read it all.  you would get ten points.  maybe even ten thousand points.

last cigarette: nonexistent.  i hate cigarettes with a passion.
last car ride: home from lake cable.
last kiss: my dog.
last good cry: when i finally learned to trust.
last library book checked out: simon cowell’s book. …i know.
last movie seen: the missing.  it could’ve been made an hour shorter and not really taken anything worthwhile out of the movie.
last book read: hebrews
last cuss word uttered: you don’t have to believe me, but it hasn’t happened. 
last beverage drank: sprite.
last food consumed: italian bread with peanut butter on it.  mmm.
last crush: for me to know and you to not.
last phone call: i have no idea.  the past month has been a blur. 
last tv show watched: alias.
last time showered: this afternoon.
last shoes worn: my white and brown ae shoes.
last cd played: “our newest album ever” by five iron frenzy for the firs time in years and it feels SO GOOD.  seriously. i almost forgot my love for this band.  and i’m glad i still know every word.
last item bought: the everglow cd (mae)
last downloaded: “sunday morning” by maroon 5
last annoyance: sickness. (i guess that’s vague..but it pretty much sums it up.)
last disappointment: missing out on an entire month.
last soda drank: sprite.
last thing written: i was painting earlier..does that count?
last key used: the b key.
last word spoken: “geek.”  i’m singing with five iron frenzy because i love them.
last sleep: this morning.
last im: mikkele and jeremy.
last weird encounter: ducks. 
last ice cream eaten: i don’t was a lonnng time ago.  i don’t like ice cream very much.  it’s so…cold…and milky..and it always makes me thirsty.  give me a slushy.
last time amused: conan o’brien.
last time in love: i can’t say i’ve been in love (unless you’re talking about my relationship with my Creator).
last time hugged: if not my mom…then probably when i saw val last weekend.  seeing a friend was exciting.
last time scolded: last night when i was afraid of my medicine.  haha
last time resentful: when nikko got kicked off american idol.
last chair sat in: before my current chair..probably in the car.
last underwear worn: goodness gracious.  if you need to know, my underwear is navy.
last shirt worn: a “how to grow a mullet” t-shirt my awesome friend sarah cornelius made for me a while back.
last time dancing: when i realized how happy five iron frenzy made me.
last poster looked at: an old school supertones poster from middle school.
last show attended: yikes..a high school battle of the bands, if that even counts.
last webpage visited:

1 MINUTE AGO: guess.
1 HOUR AGO: sitting here.
1 DAY AGO: watching full house.
1 WEEK AGO: probably sitting here or in bed.
1 YEAR AGO: probably in bed.
I HURT: when i hurt others.
I LOVE: a lot of people and things, but i’d have to say God takes the cake.
I HATE: sickness. i really, really do.  and i hate not being able to see people.
I FEAR: a lot of things, but i’m finally understanding the act of casting my anxieties in the One who’s in control.
I HOPE: to jump back into my life really soon.
I FEEL: like i’m getting stronger.
I HIDE: my imperfections and insecurities.
I DRIVE: automobiles.
I MISS: so much.
I LEARNED: so very much.
I NEED: grace.
I KNOW: that there’s a lot i don’t know.

current clothes: comfortable gray pants and my how to grow a mullet t-shirt that sarah made me.
current mood: content.
current music: five iron frenzy, in case i haven’t mentioned it enough.
current taste: kool aid.
current hair: it’s kind of going crazy..i had a really bad itch earlier, and now it’s having fun.
current annoyance: surveys.  this is long.
current smell: my loveliness.  psyche.
current thing i should be doing: sleeping.
current desktop picture: the sky.  go figure.
current refreshment: the fact that his is almost done.
current worry: “Because He lives, all fear is gone.”


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  1. so i clicked on that one link you had a few posts back that made your xanga all ghetto and what not, and i noticed that the blogring called david crowder band was called david gansta band. hahaha


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