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so i went to a specialist today.  i got good and bad news.

the good news is that nothing is seriously wrong with me.  i have what i thought i had (vestibular neuronitis)…a nerve in my head that connects the ear to my brain was affected during a cold or something that i had in february.  since ears tell our brain where we are in space, my system of balance was thrown off when this nerve got affected…which brings on the dizziness and nausea (vertigo) when i try to do things. 

the bad news is that nothing can really be done to speed up the recovery.  it could still take several more weeks for this to be gone.  i go back in six more weeks to make sure i’m better, and if it’s not, they’ll check for other things. 

so…now i need to worry about figuring how i’m going to get it together to finish the last couple weeks of school. 

prayer is still appreciated more than ever.  prayer for patience, prayer for recovery, prayer for school, prayer that i can understand what God is doing in my life. my schoolwork, my ability to be in church, my recording, my job, and the rest of my life has been put on hold, but i know there’s a purpose.

i cannot express how faithful God’s been to me time and time again in the past several weeks.  my faith has been so ridiculous, but He’s taught me how to trust.  He’s teaching me how to wait, and He’s teaching me about His grace. 

it looks like i still might not get to see people for a while.  unless i get visitations.  or unless people want to go to parks and lay in the sun with me.  or just call.   

i’m so over this. 


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