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that explains my thought process tonight. ^

i don’t even know. 
i think i could blab for hours, but i don’t necessarily want to.
so eager, yet so flustered.
so hopeless, yet so hopeful.
so determined, yet so feeble.
so mentally stagnant, yet so insane.
learning to trust, trying to understand.
gaining hope while trying to stay afloat.

His joy comes with the morning in more ways than one.

where truth and flesh collide,
(in my heart) be glorified.
…and You cover me.


does anyone else get really bothered when a single person says “we’ll see ya”?  i’m forced to imagine the person believing he or she has an imaginary posse.  or something.


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  1. ok random question. your profile picture. does the fabric of the furniture your sitting on also have blue colored birds on it? because if really looks like the fabric of a couch we had when i was really little….i’d say we’ll see ya, but my posse is on hiatus, and i probably won’t see ya either since mono has declared a mutiny and im being held prisoner in my own home… [i escaped today.. it was fun… shh don’t tell….]


  2. Salutations! it ain’t his fault he’s still there. but Bo Bice should not have been there. in the bottom 3. oh well. Constantine’s ponytail was soooooooooo hot.


  3. BRANDON!!! Hey, I come home for summer in a couple weeks and we ARE hanging out!!! I haven’t seen you in like 8 months!! AHHH! Oh, and about Alive….we’re hangin out there too! YAY, SO FUN!!!


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