so i decided to change things up again on here.  i hope you like it. 
if you don’t, wait until my fickle tastes do their job.   orrr something.

this is my friend that is a goose.  i met him (or do you know?) at the park on sunday night.  i need help naming my friend.  give me ideas.

if the current weather was a person, i’d give him/her a hug.  it’s making my feeling better just that much easier.

i don’t really have anything to say.  the world is kind of running by while i sit here with vestibular neuronitis.  i’ll return to life soon enough though.  you just watch out.

and for the record..i don’t know what i ever did to the spider species, but i think it’s out to get me.  spiders are haunting me (and only me) in almost every room of my house.  ONLY ME.  nobody else sees them.  ever.  do they make spider traps?  someone let me know, pleeeease.


23 thoughts on “

  1. ohhh i like your xanga like this… except the decapitated picture is kinda weird… i didn’t get it til i saw the top of the page with it… but its cool… the goose should be vestibul… thats like your disease but um… not… its appropriate for the circumsances under which you met him/her…
    i drove past your house again today and you weren’t outside again… loser
    feel better sooner


  2. Brandon, how r u? I haven’t seen you in forever. I like the look, but it takes a long time to load the first time- do you do your own html editing? LeVar Quincy, that’s my final answer.


  3. Call him De’Shan (pronounced day-shawn)
    Every kid in the city has a name beginning with De (Day). There was this one kid that was like my name is Todd and we were like bahahah how did THAT happen.
    Anyways. Yes. Palandromes are what’s hot these days.


  4. We have spiders all over my house. But I guess they like me cause they’re not looking at me with their gross eyes as if they want to murder me in my sleep. But I’m still afraid to kill them. Cause what if they don’t die right away? A spider could just attack and then that’d be the end of me. How many eyes do spiders have? Did you know that most people have swallowed a spider in their sleep? Gross. I’m probably not helping you with your little problem at all. Sorry.


  5. I agree.. a bit. Even if your house was jacked up by a company, that doesn’t give you the okay to go to a homeless shelter. Homeless is excatly that– without a home. They had a home. It was taking advantage of something that some people actually NEED.
    It made me slightly mad.


  6. brandonnn… i never thought you hated me! lol.. i mean.. i just kinda thought you didn’t really want to talk to people in our class because u had better things to do.. plus last year was kinda umm.. well not cool because there was some stupid drama (yes, much of which i was involved in lol) ..but i hope you’re feeling better! i LOVE your goose.. u should name him or her …….. still thinking… well i think i’ll have to get back to you on that one because an acceptable name for a goose is a very special name indeed. good luck with that!! and have a wonderful day!


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