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this is me and my twin cousin when i was two or three. 
i miss being little.

this lady predicts that in two decades, the west coast will fall off and atlantis will reappear.  we will all live in domed cities, and all houses will have third floors with peel-back roofs for hovercrafts.  she also says that aliens will invade our planet in five years and “they will teach us how to use anti-gravity devices again, such as they did for the pyramids.”. 

on her website, her proof that she’s really a psychic is that robert blake was found innocent like she predicted.  those 50/50 chances can be hard to figure out i guess.

in other news, i have no life.

it’s going to snow this weekend, so you should all get your complaints ready. 
it’ll be warm again soon, i promise.


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  1. omg.. thats a funny picture.. and what are you doing in that picture?? HAHA.. j/k there are actually many funny things in that picture.. the haircut, the little girls in the backround, your suits match, your holding hands with your cousin.. kinda weird.. and your other hands a little qeustionable.. haha.. j/k.. i actually thinik its cute.. but im really sad its going to snow.. you just ruined my night… so i guess that means we wont be going to the park this weekend to play 😦


  2. yeah. hard to believe it’s going to be in the 40s again this weekend. and of course my parents are coming out to visit. great timing huh. i like your site design btw.


  3. hey.. just so you know rametta may be calling you if you dont call him about the whole paper and class thing.. i gave him your number since thursday was our last class… or at least my last class.. but he told me to tell you to call him..


  4. ha no i dont’ goto malone.. i applied and went through everything and never got the money to go.. God is moving me else where.. thats hilarious that my pic is in that thing too haha.. lol


  5. brandon…i miss you…and snow WAS cool when it was suposed to be winter…but now…it’s really not that fun
    by the way…i think by far that is the most fabulous picture i’ve ever seen of yours


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