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spring has sprung.

i just wrote a ridiculous post about nothing, and it got deleted.  you would be glad.

here are some things i did today:

i went on a picnic with kaite and zac.  we threw carrots, picked dandelions, ate a lot, watched people, and rolled in the grass.

i told myself i was going to go draw by a lake, but instead i joined facebook.  i’m not sure how i feel about this yet.

i went to wendy’s with my dad.

i played bop it.   …by myself.  and i won.

i looked online to find out how much hammocks cost.  i’m pretty sure i’m going to get one.

i listened to a tape i made for my mom when i was seven.  it’s of me singing and playing along on my tiny casio keyboard.  during “i’m a little teapot,” i go off on a random harmony.  i also sang “this old man” in what i think was supposed to be a southern old woman’s accent.  i had a really, really high voice.

i just wrote another ridiculous post about nothing, and i apologize for the loss of valuable life you just wasted. 

go hug a mom.


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  1. yay for picnics… and no worries, i’m fine from getting pelted in the neck by a baby carrot while i was carefree rolling down the hill having a blast. i mean sure i didnt see it coming, and i have a welt, but if you guys got a good laugh out of it thats all that matters to me. we’ll do it again soon, minus hard foods.


  2. Was it Bop It or Bop It Extreme? Either way, I play it by myself all the time! I’ve only actually won maybe twice. Cause I’m not that good. sad.


  3. Oh snap!  I haven’t played bop it in forever!  I should get my sister to dig it out of her closet.  We used to have all-out competitions, lol.Take care,Love and mothers,Philana <><


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