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val and i had this picture taped to our drawing class locker all of last year.  we then sparked a new trend of kids putting random things on their lockers..but ours was by far the best.  i miss the days of being cool in art class.  a little.

(the guy in the picture also looks like a mixture of shawn mcdonald and jeremy gifford.  and i don’t mean the guy on the left.)

disturbing news of the day:
“Bob Saget, the tall, lanky dad from television’s ‘Full House,’ is trying his pimp hand at the rap game. The page of California’s the Stone Movement — a self-described jam-rock/hip-hop hybrid featuring frontman Stu Stone and comedian Jamie Kennedy — features a track called ‘Rollin’ With Saget,’ on which the affable goofball not only curses (much like his character did in the film ‘Half Baked’), but … um … raps.”

here’s the rest of the story..

why, danny? WHY?

in other news, God is good in more ways than I can express.
even though i kind of just expressed that.


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  1. this doesn’t suprise me about bob saget trying out his rap game.  if you ever seen or heard his stand up comedy rutine you’d seriously be like “this guy was mary kate and ashely tv dad!”  he is obsene and vulgar and whatnot so i guess i say it’s about time bob!


  2. i immediately got creeped out when i looked at that photo, of course i think i will always get creeped out when i look at that photo.
    good times in art class. hard to believe its been a year.


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