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today while dustin and i were sitting in my living room watching ladies with lisps on infomercials and cheating babydaddies on the maury show, our lives were suddenly threatened by a gigantic, terrifying centipede monster.  it tried to attack dustin on the couch.  we finally fought it off with a stick, a newspaper, and a receipt from the video store.  its antennae broke, but we set it free.  oscar helped. 



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  1. your lucky you survived i have a friend who fell a tragic way to a frog
       i know i know he looks harmless but when you chase him in the streets it spells danger


  2. wait……..stupid question concidering your in most of them……….ok lemmie do this again……..who did take the pics on your site……..I like them………


  3. Hey! Yeah, the ministry is pretty exciting for me too. It’s nice to finally have a family down here with our church. They are the most welcoming and accepting people. I just need to learn more names! But, shameless plug here, we’ll be in Canal Fulton on June 4th on Cherry Street (somewhere). I’m sure there’s more info on I’m looking forward to playing. My fingers are killing me though, I played for about 2.5 hours today and yeah. ouch. it’s like i’ve started playing for the first time all over again. So how’s things with you?


  4. hey! sry I didn’t get back on last night, my dad was on the phone forever….but do you think you’d want to play at a coffe house in june??? pa pa pa please!!!


  5. phew ur alive.. i got new tires yesterday.. and in the waiting room watched probably the same “babydadies” or whatever on maury. welp. that was very brave to set it free.


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