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this weekend marked the beginning of brandon getting his normal life back.  i got to see a lot of people.  i got a lot of hugs.  i remembered how much i enjoy being in the presence of friends. 

slowly but surely, healing is taking place.  grace is being given.  God reveals Himself to me somehow day after day, and i cannot be more thankful for the peace He gives during struggles, for the lessons He teaches, through the way He is constantly and perfectly revealed. 

in other news, i decided that any artist that decides to use sped-up voices (like the chipmunks) as background vocals should be put in jail for being ridiculous.

here are some pictures i took the last couple days.  
i have a new love for going on walks.

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i found a new secret place close to my house that i never knew existed.

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i love it a lot.

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there was a reeeeally cool sunset…but that cloud decided to take it away.  and then my battery died.  and then i cried.  and then i wrote a song about it.  just kidding about the song.  and the crying.

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these ducks thought i was giving them food.  then i took their picture.  i think that duck on the right is cussing at me.

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this looks like something i would try to paint.

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yes, i know it’s upside-down.  i like it better that way.

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haha my parents.

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the giving tree(s).

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the end.


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  1. i really like those pictures..especially the one of the duck cussing you out.  did you take the last few at price park?


  2. yay pictures…we (me jeremy steve amy and some other people) went to the park yesterday and took “senior pictures”…they are amazing…i will post them soon


  3. that upside-down one makes me think…is it a straight shot or what?  it’s actually confussing me.  i like but i can’t make it right it my mind…is that weird?


  4. Absolutely love the pictures…for photo I would always go to that park and take pictures…I love that bridge too…its funny to watch old people walk over it…maybe not funny but interesting b/c they seem to think its going to break…and those pictures do look like something you would try and paint….o and people are super confused by upside down picture….its a reflection in a creek right?


  5. good afternoon viv-o-licious….just wanted to remind you that family is everything and the older you get the faster time flies….
    and where’s the maria themed picture young man


  6. <TABLE class=blogbody cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width=”100%” border=0>
    <TD width=”5%”>
    <TD vAlign=top>

    “i am going to try to punch vertigo in the face and make it.”
    yes, that is how josh’s friends talk.


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