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my dog is cooler than cool.

i think that my oscar mayer is really a person trapped in a dog’s body.  aside from barking and growling, he constantly is making some kind of weird sound that sounds like he’s trying to talk.  i could’ve sworn i heard him trying to enunciate tonight.  he’s very territorial and has authority issues.  and everything is all about him.  but he is the best.

the most exciting news of my week is this:

I BOUGHT A HAMMOCK TONIGHT. my lifelong dream.

the end.

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  1. 1) jake could take oscar in his sleep
    2) if i’m catching the drift correctly…all i have to say is ASOIAUSDOIAUDSLAKSJLKJDSLKGJ GRRRRRRRRRR
    3) you seriously better be at my house on sunday mr. schmidt i feel like we are old friends who need to reunite
    and that makes us sound like superheroes…so wear a ring and i’ll wear one and we’ll put our rings together and yell “REUNITE” when you come


  2. congrats on the hammock. I’m jealous. I want one, but I would have no place to put in anyway.
    My cat can talk. Yeah, he says “hello.” I’m not lying either. Just come over late one night, and just sit on the couch. He’ll start talking. And then he’ll start running around for no reason. Then he’ll probably jump on your back and scratch you with his back claws….cause he has no fronts ones. haha dumb cat. So maybe you shouldn’t come over. I guess just believe me when I say he does talk.
    But my dog is way cuter than any other doggie. Take that.


  3. i have to tell you another story about my cubicle friends. i just heard this lady go “i told her that all she needs is a little peice of styrofoam. that’s the best birth control”. ohhhhhh mama brando.


  4. a hammock?  congradulations budddy, good buy!  now my only question is is it the type you tie between two palm trees or is it one w/ the metal bars?


  5. yea! for the new hammock!  Hey its cool if you missed my graduation, i guess i will have to forgive you. But yes i will hopefully get  to see you before i leave, i leave in about a week. are you getting back soon


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