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i never thought i’d see the day.  but yes, it’s true. ^

in other news, alive is coming in two and a half weeks.  that is crazy. 
are YOU going? because you should. .

..and for the record, hammocks are my favorite.

the end.


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  1. you’ve turned into one of us…oh that is the sign of the end of days…you poor soul…what made you finally conform?


  2. ooh a cell phone. go you, brandon 🙂
    i’m going to alive on wednesday, the day blindside is playing. i would love to bump into you because its been a very long time since i’ve seen you.
    hope all is well!


  3. hshs (that was suppose to be haha but i think its funny how it messed up)
    brandon has a cell phone?
    what is the world coming to.
    and i think the ladies would prefer you as a prince– it sounds more available.


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