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check out this lady’s sunglasses. i spotted them at chick fil-a a long time ago.
(too bad that plant got in the way.)

i wrote this about myself last week. i don’t care if you read it or not.
it helped me understand more of what i feel called to do in my life.

i live for my Creator.
He fills my life.
He gives me life.
He is my life.

i really like music.

i like to listen to music. i like to play music. i like to write music. i like to watch others play music, but only if they’ve been given a gift to do so. i get sad and feel bad for people that persue music so hard, but are clearly meant for something different. i grew up singing and dancing around my house. the first time anyone heard me sing was in the back seat of the car when i was a baby. i was singing the theme song to “the neverending story.”

i really like art.

i’ve been drawing since before i could write. explaining my thoughts through visual understandings have been something that i’ve always needed to do. i spent the majority of high school in the art department, and i was pretty blessed to have amazing teachers. i like to waste hours designing things. i like to paint a lot, but my paintings never get finished unless i have a deadline. i used to say i liked drawing more, but drawing and painting kind of come hand in hand to me. i get inspired by God’s art. living things, skies, nature, and things designed by a mind that was designed by God inspire me to capture them somehow through my perspective. i used to win poster contests every year in elementary school, and it earned me a reuptation of being “the art kid.” i didn’t like when kids constantly asked to borrow my markers or crayons just because i lived for having the boxes with the most colors.

i really like people.

though to many i can seem pretty reserved, i sometimes thrive on relationships. i love making memories. i love my family. i love my friends. i like to help people, mainly when it’s trying to point them towards Christ. i’m learning to be more straight forward when it comes to communicating. sometimes i tend to beat around the bush so that i don’t make people feel bad. one of my biggest struggles is gossip, and i hate it with a passion. satan has used my people skills as a foothold time and time again, but it’s always helped me to realize why God put such an importance on love. i’ve come to really just love people. i enjoy company. i like to think about people. i like to get to know people. i like to laugh with people, and i like to comfort people. i like it when people are real. i like when they can admit they’re human, but don’t settle for our earthly ways. there’s a difference between struggling with sin and justifying or accepting sin. i tend to be a lot better at helping those who are struggling in Christian walks than introducing people to Christianity. sometimes i yawn when i see people yawn. and i smile when people smile.

mainly, i love God.

i don’t want anyone to think i’m better because of it. i just know that i can’t deny the One who created me (and the rest of the universe). i can’t deny my one true source of hope, strength, and grace. i owe Him everything. He loves me when i’m unloveable. i think it’s crazy that God is so absolutely complex, yet His love is so simple. i get overwhelmed at the thought of the Trinity, but i love to think about it. my life so far has centered around finding out that my calling isn’t only about what He might have for me. many times i forget that a lot of what He has for me has already been designed in me before i was even conceived. the rest is about about what i have for Him and the opportunities to use it. the end. for now.

the end.  for now.


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i never thought i’d see the day.  but yes, it’s true. ^

in other news, alive is coming in two and a half weeks.  that is crazy. 
are YOU going? because you should. .

..and for the record, hammocks are my favorite.

the end.

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my dog is cooler than cool.

i think that my oscar mayer is really a person trapped in a dog’s body.  aside from barking and growling, he constantly is making some kind of weird sound that sounds like he’s trying to talk.  i could’ve sworn i heard him trying to enunciate tonight.  he’s very territorial and has authority issues.  and everything is all about him.  but he is the best.

the most exciting news of my week is this:

I BOUGHT A HAMMOCK TONIGHT. my lifelong dream.

the end.