You have my heart, and I am Yours forever. 
You are my strength. God of grace and power.
You are my Rock…the One i hold onto.
You are my song, and I will sing for You.

Praise You, God of earth and sky.
how beautiful is Your unfailing love.

twists and turns, doubts and fears, ups and downs.  my Savior covers it all.  i’m finally realizing how to understand that.  it’s still hard.. things keep swarming around me, mentally and especially physically, but God completely is being made perfect in my sight.  i really don’t deserve it or understand why, but i could never be let down by grace.  He has my whole world in His hands, and i have to remind myself to let it be that way day after day.  praise Jesus for the moments of feeling normal again.  and praise Jesus for the peace He brings in times of need.  i don’t understand how some people get by without it. 

the end. 

(ps.. this is not an attempt at sympathy.  but i still would really appreciate any prayer.. if you want to know specifics, i can go into more detail.  just ask.)

edit: i got my mri results.  everything was normal (meaning they didn’t find any kind of growth and they were right about my condition and i should be normal again soon.)  unfailing love for sure.


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  1. Brandon. I’ve spent the past hour facing things the Lord has been pushing me to in the past weeks. A lot has come out of it, but one thing that has to do with you directly is the realization of how truly amazing you are. You are such a wonderful friend and brother to me– and you always have been. You’re consistent in your friendship and love towards people, despite what’s going on in their lives. So.. just wanted to thank you for that.


  2. Hey! I’m so excited the results came back good. God is truly amazing I must agree. Hang in there brando…its almost over. take care.
    ps.- I always love all the pics you take,,,they’re amazing hehe!


  3. Well, they start you off by telling you that you know nothing. They tell you that you suck at what you’ve learned and they make you re-learn everything over again. They have no respect for natural talent. And, once you leave the program, your art looks like everyone elses in the class. That’s what it seems like to me. It’s tough. I dropped out because I was happy with my art the way it was and I don’t believe that anyone in the world should be able to define what is art and what isn’t art. And that’s exactly what the professors do. They WILL tell you whether or not what you are doing is art.


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