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yes, the sky was that cool tonight.

today was good from start to finish. (and i felt good from start to finish.)

i made it to church (on a sunday morning) for the first time since april.  and let me tell you, it was so great.  it’s crazy how much you can appreciate a good church service after being away for so long.  it also made me realize how much i take it for granted sometimes.  and it bothers me that people can become so detached from what is really going on when it can turn into nothing more than a routine.  i just went on a tangent. 

anyways.. the sermon was really good. my pastor does a style of sermon every once in a while where he asks people in the congregation to list things, and he builds upon and talks about those things using scripture, stories, and whatever else.  for instance, today was about prayer, and he asked people to list difficulties that can get in the way of prayer.  and some of the things he said hit me like a brick.  i liked it. 

at arby’s, i spilled a lot of ketchup on my shirt.  a LOT.

when i was driving home, i realized that i hadn’t seen or talked to one of my favorite friends, matt (from malone), since about january…and it made me sad.  then he randomly called me and told me he was by my house.  so we hung out all afternoon and it was like old times.

then i went to church.  and they had ice cream afterwards. and milkshakes. and they brought all the boys to the yard.  

jessica couldn’t get out of work, so we went to visit her. 
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carrie filled out an application.

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and we ate.

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the end.


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