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so a week ago, i was sitting at my computer.  my dad was in the shower.  my mom was in her room.  it was storming a little.  and BAMMMM.  i thought the house got struck by lightning or something.  it was weird.  i felt it in my whole body, but i think it was just the thunder because i was leaning against a wall.  we didn’t think much of it (other than jumping out of our pants) until we went outside a few hours later and saw that bark from a tree in our front yard had like exploded and been shot off all around it.  and that’s what the tree looked like.  there’s a big crack down the middle.  craaazy.

in better news, i’m going to be an uncle today!

look out, uncle jesse.  uncle brandy is here.

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  1. a couple weeks ago a police station behind my house got struck by was pretty crazy.  and i really like that picture.


  2. that is the coolest tree i have ever seen. i bet baby mckenna will be fully educated on full house by her first birthday. if she is, then you will probably get the “best uncle award”. just keep that in mind…haha.


  3. yay for uncle-hood! i, myself, am an aunt of 2 boys (ages 8 & 6). it’s great. you get to have an influence on them, a positive one of course ;). yay for babies!


  4. that is the coolest thing, the lightning.  that is crazy w/ just the bark flying off and the tree still has foliage w/ just a hairline split in it, God is big.  about being an uncle that is awesome!  i am an uncle to a girl and a boy the bad thing is they live in arizona. 


  5. so you completely don’t know me….but hannah sauders does….and i was being a snoop and reading her subscription people….and was totatlly blown away by reading your faith in God. know that you are in my prayers!! the prayers of a stanger….


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