“what is it in me, that hangs on for so long?
why do I fight the tears that come?
i work so hard to keep in control when
all that I want is to let go.

here i am, as gold to the fire
i will surrender to Your hand
to this place
Lord, i have come ready for Your touch.

I t ‘ s   a l l   f o r   Y o u .
I ‘ m   l e t t i n g   g o .

i’ll take this life and lay it down.
i’m letting go.
my hopes and dreams here at Your feet.
i’m letting go.
and I am ready for Your life,
and I’m ready for You now.”


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  1. brandy i didnt get to wish you a happy birthday yesterday, but im wishing you one now! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( with 20 exclamation points!) i love you brandy. and we need to hang out again soon cause im pretty sure i had a hoot and a half.


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