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on tuesday, i went to cleveland.  I’m not going to tell you why, but i went to the lake for the afternoon, and I pretended I was at the ocean.  I haven’t seen the ocean in five years, but next summer I might get to see both coasts.  ohhh baby.

 <IMG src=";

i like lakes.  (say that ten times fast.)

and i like big rocks.

 <IMG src=";

i like willow trees (and the old man sitting by it).

<IMG src="; > 

there were miniature waves.

my dad.

okay, okay.  i’ll show a picture of why i was in cleveland.  but i don’t care what anyone says. 

haaahaha that’s right.
you know you wish you were as cool as me.

the end.


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  1. ohmygosh! let’s see if I can get this right….there’s Nikko, Anthony, CONSTANTINE, Carrie, Jessica? (or is that for some wrong reason Mikalah?), Scott, BOOOOOOO, Nadia, Vonzell, and Anwar!!!
    Just so you know, I don’t like you much right now. I’m in a state of complete jealousy. You saw my future husband (and no, it’s not Bo anymore, it’s back to Constantine) in concert. And you don’t even like him. so blah to you.
    I’ll comment more when I’m over this.


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