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i saw scuttle from the little mermaid on friday.

also, i saw more people in the past week than i did all summer. (with the exception of alive.)  it was good.  i miss people, and i’m slowly starting to feel normal again.  i like that.

i think that green is my favorite color right now.  i just decided.

today dustin told me he’s getting a tatoo of jamie as a pirate girl on his arm, and that may be the most random yet hilarious thing i’ve heard in a long time.

i sang the hillary duff song to myself in the mall parking lot when it began to rain today.

last night i got a voicemail from lucille ball and baby bop.  (that was my favorite so far.)

and on a final note, i’ve asked this a lot, but this is the crunch time.  i must decide for real by friday if i’m going to be at anderson this semester, or wait until 2nd semester.  it all depends on my balance system and clarity.  any kind of prayer about that would be greatly appreciated more than you might ever realize.  i’m okay with wherever i’m supposed to be.  there are exciting opportunities on both sides.  i just want to be where He prefers. 

now i’m going to paint giant trees on my wall. 

i don’t really like this post. 


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  1. Haha yeeeahhh….
    I’m sorry if that looked “stalkerish”
    But I just thought I should mention that it was his birthday, (like I usually do when its someones birthday.)
    Anyway once again. sorry… =/
    Just to let you know(if I havent already mentioned it) I’m also on myspace and my myspace is
    I sent you a message to comment my pictures too… I didn’t mean to send you two copies and I meant to add that “new” friends didn’t have to comment my pictures if they didn’t want to… I’m sorry about that too.
    I hope you’re having a great and wonderful day.


  2. p.s. brandon….oh man…i dont know how to say this….but….that wasnt….lucille ball and baby bop…..its was……me…and amy.
    i know i know, i just ruined Christmas.


  3. brandon, baby bop here. um, lucille forgot to take her meds, she is hallucinating and thinks her name is maria or something odd. don’t mind her. just pray. seeeee ya.


  4. state fair. heck duh. really enjoyed the show.  were you there? every time i goto I M you my computer shuts off.. well ok it only happened once. but i only tried to I M you once. go figure.  its still considered every time then right? yup. lat R


  5. Hey! whatever you do I know you’ll make the right decision….I just hope too see you at AU really soon….its gonna be awesome. But if not, I’m sure its what God wants. I’m prayin for ya brando! take care


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