so i’m pretty sure it’s official.. i’ll be in canton until after Christmas.  i don’t know why everything’s a rollercoaster for the past couple years, but it is.  while this is harder than anyone probably realizes, i’m excited to find out why this happened.  it’s hard being confused.  and it’s hard feeling like a downer.  but once i’m completely better, exciting stuff should start. 

disregard this post if you don’t know what i’m talking about.


ps: i think i’m going to start a compaign against the way stores make their workers talk to you when you walk into a store.  after being asked how i was doing at least twenty times yesterday, i was THIS close to unloading a very detailed, exaggerated life story on the next store clerk that tried to be my best friend.  do they really want to know how i’m doing? or what i’m looking for?  what i might wear with something?  what i usually wear? why i don’t like something? why i do like something? why i’m at the mall?  aa;kjd;alfjkada ..maybe i should just shop online.


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  1. dood…im a goodwill store clerk, and we hate being that nice to you as much as you do. its the managers. complain to them. lol


  2. yeah, he’s an ok guy. I heard he likes going to American Idol concerts to hear them sing “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” I can’t judge him though. Cause I’ve been to one of those too. But of course, I didn’t have to endure that song. mahaha!


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