tonight i laid in the wet grass on the side of a hill by myself, watching something so amazing in the sky that nothing i say will do it justice.  it was so big.  and beautiful.  and complex.  and i took 43 pictures of it.

oh Lord, my God, when i (in awesome wonder)
consider all the world Your hands have made,
i see the stars.  i hear the rolling thunder.
Your power throughout the universe displayed.

this is where i see You.


12 thoughts on “

  1. when you commented on the post before, the one i have now, i cant say i understand what you were talking about. I know im a cashier at a grocery store but you didnt say that you werent talking about my kind. So you can just stop it right now mr.
    And Daisys?? I hope your ok.


  2. That hymn is most definitely one of my favorites, I love it sooo much!!! And miss singing hymns in church sometimes….
    Great pictures, God’s artwork is soooo amazing, I just love it. To look up in the sky and know that He created all that, just WoW!
    Praying for you always, hope things continue to get better and you figure out why you will be at home this first semester…


  3. those are pretty pictures.. i was on my way home from work today.. and the sun was shining through the clouds and you could see the sunrays and what not, and it was really pretty.. and i was gonna take a picture.. but i left my camera at home. so i didnt.


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