my parents killed shrek and ate him for dinner. poor guy.


i don’t really know what it feels like to be depressed, but i think i might be.

but the joy of the Lord is my strength.
and for whatever reason, i’m walking through this valley with a purpose. and i know there’s Light at the end. 

but i’m not about to pretend like i’m superhuman. i’m struggling. and i’m struck down, but i’m not destroyed. His promise will endure.

i need (1) hugs, (2) encouragement, and (3) prayer. 
let me know what can be in prayer over for you, too. 

i don’t like being a downer.

ps.. if you might be serious about praying for me, let me know.. i can be more specific.


23 thoughts on “

  1. *internet hugs!* i love you branuhdon! i cant wait til you get out here! cheer up emo kid… wait does this mean i can really call you emo now? haha well i miss you! hopefully see you soon!
    im praying for youuu!


  2. The joy of the Lord is your strength.therefore, you have nothing to be down about.Your fufilling the will of God and even though its not going as you want it to go, Be glad in knowing that he is taking you through that plan and there as so much bigger things coming your way. Sometimes it takes things like this to get into something much bigger. So i encourage you that in the midst of your test, Take a hold of that faith, hold on, and dont let go.
    And im praying for you. seriously.


  3. ok it’s august 29, and i will officially go on record as liking number 6.
    no, loving. you were right.
    and you know im praying for you, Brandon for-God-so-loved-the-world Schmidt.


  4. im not only liking number six, i am loving it. that is what i meant. you were right as in, it’s a good song so you were right about it.
    does that fix your confusion or can you just not read and you are confused by all these letters????


  5. I am seriously praying for you always, I hope you know that. Just know that everything that is happening is in Gods plan for you, and it will all make sense to you soon.
    Let me know if you need anything, you should come to Malone some day so we can hang out, like for real.
    Alright, well feel better and don’t get down, it’s no good…I seriously know how that is though…


  6. oooo.
    Talking to you like you own Alive and you make all the decisions and you have all the hook ups and connections:
    Make sure every decent band plays at the main stage because I will still be at Paul Mitchell till 5pm every day of Alive.


  7. Oh the motivation of the spirit will come and rise up in you once more oh friend of God…. never end my friend
    If your offer for prayer still stands for me and my friend kimby… a hearts knowing prayer would be great… just feel what the Lord knows amen buds… I will pray now… for you… amen done and more to come


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