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i like my church. ^

today my massive nineteen-inch monitor almost came crashing down on my head.  somehow it didn’t shatter on my wood floor, and somehow it still works.  and my room is almost done.

tonight i took oscar for a walk.  i carried him.  i felt like paris hilton.  and don’t you dare say that it’s hot.

my job now has a title.. but i’m not sure what that title is yet, but at least i can feel somewhat official.  and i’m going to be working a lot more hours.  and yes, i can do it with the vertigo because i do most of it right where i’m sitting.  blessings out the buttttt.

the prayers are being felt.  thankyou thankyou thankyou to those that are praying for me while i try to get normal again.


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  1. aww. whatever floats your boat.
    i guess im a strong believer about people being there not only as witnesses but atleast in our church there’s a part in the service where the congregation is asked if they are willing to uphold our marriage and guide us and encourage us and whatnot. its a commitment they make to the couple since we’re in the body of Christ.
    everyone likes what they like and thats cool though.
    btw– lolzzz!111oneone


  2. lets go to the park
    (in our MINDS, that’s how. dannng be creative).
    P.S. i told amy that if copeland AND eisley come to alive this year, i’ll marry you. whether that motivates you or not, well, that’s a different story.


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