i’m getting a haircut.  finally.  should i go shorter or keep it the same?


on wednesday, i went to the first youth group for this year.  it was weird.  i think for the first time, it hit me that my teenage years are officially over.  realizing that the oldest student was four years younger than me was such a weird concept.  i got sad and nostalgic looking at the room and thinking about all the memories and moments i had in that room over the last seven and a half years.  all the faces and people i got to know in that room.  and then it was just me.  SO weird.  but i’m excited for how everything is kind of starting over.  i want to be a part of that as much as i can.  some of these kids are about to find and experience Jesus for the first time.  that’s so exciting.

i was reading one of matt redman’s books the other day, and it gave me chills.  totally what i needed to hear.  if people are going through something rough in their life, they should read blessed be your name: on the road marked with suffering.  they have it at berean.

“Father let me dedicate all this life to Thee. in whatever worldly state You would have me be. not from sorrow, pain or care, freedom dare I claim. this alone shall be my prayer: glorify Thy name. can a child presume to choose where or how to live? can a father’s love refuse all the best to give? let my glad heart, while it sings, Thee in all proclaim. and whatever the future brings, glorify Thy name. [be glorified in me.]”


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  1. dude if you leave it the same…then you aren’t really getting a hair cut.  leave it.  so yeah i know how you feel about the whole being the older person in youth group after your out…cause i felt the same way and depending on how you were w/ this younger group they should except you like you were there age, which in reality you not that much older….


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